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EAN: 4014712154551 – manufacturer-number: RI230-200 – Installation relay RI 230-200, function = mechanical, mounting type = DIN rail, width in division units = 1, installation depth = 60 mm, number of contacts as NO contacts = 2, control voltage 1 = 230 V, control voltage type 1 = AC, frequency of control voltage 1 = 50 Hz, control voltage 2 = 0 V, frequency of control voltage 2 = 0 Hz, rated current = 20 A, supply voltage = 207..253 V, voltage type of supply voltage = AC, max. Incandescent lamp load = 1980 W, max. Fluorescent lamp load = 1020 VA , Max. Fluorescent lamp load (duo circuit) = 1700 VA, Max. Fluorescent lamp load (compensated in parallel) = 1105 VA, installation relays are used to switch electrical consumers. They close the main circuit as long as the control voltage is present. The RI series is suitable for switching single-phase loads up to 20 A. The compact devices can be operated by hand and have an easily recognizable switch position indicator. They can be used for many switching and control applications. Properties: high flexibility thanks to various contact configurations, manual operation for test purposes, low switching noise and no humming noises, switch position display on the front by manual operation button, option of an optical display of the operating status by means of LED, switching contacts with safe separation AC1 according to EN 60947-4-1, duty cycle: 100% with spacer 0.5 HP, easy connection thanks to generously dimensioned, captive terminals, no connection of the connecting wires possible, easy access for connecting the coil supply, use of flame-retardant materials as well as chlorine- and halogen-free plastics, protection against accidental contact according to BGV A3, mounting type: quick fastening on mounting rail, any installation position with an inclination angle of max. 30 degrees, application areas: The components offer universal application options for control tasks in industrial and building technology as well as in house installation. They are particularly suitable for switching lighting systems, electrical heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fans, heat pumps and incandescent and gas discharge lamps. Notes: The designation of the devices of the RI series includes both the rated voltage (first pair of numbers) and the contact version (last pair of numbers), which is listed in the sequence NO, NC and changeover. Thus, a & quot, RI 024-110 & quot, e.g. B. a rated voltage of 24 V, one NO and one NC. but no changeover contact. The duty cycle (ED) is max. 1 h. To achieve 100% ED, the RD 05 spacer must be used on both sides. – RI 230-200

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