WAGO 221-415-25 221 Connector clip flexible: 0.14-4 mm² fixed: 0.2-4 mm² Number of pins: 5 25 pc(s) Transparent, Orange



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Extremely slimThe terminals of the generation 221 are a true wonder: their volume, compared to the previous model (series 222) to 40%. The electrical installers can now also be realized without applications with narrow installation conditions. Thanks to the extremely slim design of the new series, which can be wired terminals quickly and easily in the installation boxes. In addition, space savings additional opportunities for later expansions.See what thing isThe new housing design of the series 221 of transparent plastic enables easy visual control of the correct conductor position. The electrical installer can immediately see whether all conductors after connecting to the stop is inserted and connected correctly. The proper Conductor insulation strip length is now at a glance easily verifiable. Closed cable funnel provide for the unique leadership of the earth conductor terminal point.User-friendliness in focusThe installer the terminal via two test openings can even when installed comfortably and securely check and with all the common test tips. The side handle grip in the housing increase the user-friendliness when you open the lever. The new terminal generation is based on the proven tool-free CAGE CLAMP ® technology, in which the clamping points using a control lever opened and closed. The difference compared to the predecessor model: now it is even easier to operate the lever of the hand. Thus the conductor becomes easier and much faster.Large application varietyAs a universal terminal is the new series 221 in a position to all common types of conductor: with only one terminal can be wire cross-sections from 0.14 to 4 mm² (fine) or 0.2 up to 4 mm² (one and multi-wire). Thanks to the high degree of reliable nominal current of 32 A and a nominal voltage of 450 V are suitable for the series 221 for a variety of applications. Typical applications in building technology are the connection of lights, shutter motors as well as the wiring of intercom systems, door and door controls. In the industry, the connection terminal ideal for wiring, among other things, motors and pumps.This text is machine translated.

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